Die Sonnenblume - Assoziation to help Ethiopian children e.V.

   The right to education is not only a human right
   but also an important instrument
   to apply the human rights accordingly.

Unfortunately, we all know that the reality is different. Worldwide some 100 million children do not attend school, more than 150 million children leave school before they can read and write. But only the access to education gives people a dignified, independent and justified life with a future.

"Die Sonnenblume" is an association to improve education and living conditions in Menjikso Tade, a village about 50 km away from Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia.

Erdaw Miko, the second chairman of the association, is himself a native Ethiopian, the village Menjikso Tade is his birthplace. He wants to help his fellow countrymen sustainably. For years now he has been working on improving conditions for people in this region. First on his own, then supported through the association. He stresses again and again the importance of strengthening and expanding the local forces.

The project "A School for Menjikso Tade” is an association with the aim to improve the educational situation in the Ethiopian village.

The people from the village Menjikso Tade are very poor. Most of the inhabitants live from the agriculture. Up to now the village has no running water. Unfortunately, old traditions such as the circumcision of girls - although illegal – still play a role. These nuisances can only be overcome through appropriate education.

The main aim of the association is to enlarge and strengthen the local forces. Young people are to receive a basic education / training and later shall support the development of their country and use the knowledge locally.

We need your help and are asking you for your continuous support.
On behalf of the children, we sincerely thank you for your commitment!


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