Menjikso Tade

The houses of Menjikso Tade lie very widespread, so that one cannot locate the village on maps or on internet mapping systems. The next largest town is Chaffe Dunsa, which has a distance of 15 kilometres to Menjikso Tade.

In the past, the village school could seat about 230 pupils having only two teachers and a headmaster; this was obviously not enough for the amount of pupils. As it was, the classes were too big and not divided by age or performance. In 2007, with the help of donations, 60 new school desks for the children were made. For the first time, pupils had proper seating and desks to write on, instead of sitting on stones or the floor..

In 2008, construction of a new school with four classrooms began. An official representative of the local district government was present at the laying of the foundation, on which occasion he promised to provide three additional teachers for the school. The parents of Menjikso Tade, for their part, promised to send their children to school and not to take them to the fields to work. An incredible benefit for the children!



Map source: www.openstreetmaps.org